Power the Greener way

We believe that Greener is always better. That is why we deliver mobile battery power to your project.

Let's collaborate in the most sustainable way, by lowering fuel consumption and carbon footprint!

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KG CO2 reduced
Liters diesel saved
Engine hours saved

Save on emission and costs!

Events can reduce their CO2 footprint by 30 to 100% when incorporating batteries in their energy planning. Do you want to know at what cost, click below!

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Our goal

We believe a future-proof world is within reach. Using batteries we help you save on diesel consumption and reduce CO2 emission, greenhouse gasses, dust, fumes and noise.

Up until now Greener Power Solutions has saved the CO2 emission of 46 road trips around the earth, or 3 times to the moon and back.

Some shoot for the moon, we aim for Mars.

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Industry friends

Greener works with all major off–grid energy companies to power your event. Next to that we work with grid operators and DSO’s to provide back-up power and temporary energy solutions for industry clients. Contact us to find out how we can collaborate.

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Event friends

Greener has powered over 50 events in the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK and Switzerland. We provide battery power everywhere, from a single cabin up to the main stage of an event. Find out how our batteries can reduce your event’s CO2 footprint.

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