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The first step in saving on your CO2 emission is insight in your true energy demand. With help of our algorithm and reference projects, Greener can forecast your energy profile.

Greener Power Solutions

The three steps to reduce your CO2 emissions are forecasting, planning and saving. Together they lead to optimal energy planning, with CO2 reductions up to 100%.

Diesel and CO2 emitted on the event
Diesel and CO2 saved


Using historical data, reference projects and analytical tools we assess the power demand of your project. Matching your energy demand with tailored power supply is the first step towards saving.


Based on a thorough assessment of the actual energy demand we help you design the electricity distribution plan. We aim to use the lowest amount of energy assets while ensuring reliable and safe energy delivery on all locations during your event.


The Greener batteries are used for peak shaving on grid connections, generators or renewables. On top of this, the capacity of the Greener batteries is used to reduce the running hours of potential diesel generators even more. This makes diesel and CO2 reductions up to 100% possible!

Save on emission and costs!

Events can reduce their CO2 footprint by 30 to 100% when incorporating batteries in their energy planning. Do you want to know at what cost, click below!

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