What: We focus on events and festivals to develop our power solutions to make them fit for all other markets currently dependent on generators. Battery systems, peak shaving and technological knowledge.

How: We are problem solvers, actively seeking technological solutions to make the world future-proof. We develop, execute and welcome a challenge with open arms.

Why: We believea future-proof world is within reach. All we have to do is look at it from a greener perspective.


Everything in the world can be Greener. We are convinced current processes and manners can and should be less strenuous on the environment. We see solutions in technological innovation and bring these to the market in order make our world greener. Let’s start a green revolution, because Greener is always better! Are you with us?

The battery systems

Our battery systems are developed together with Alfen, specialist in energy systems and car charging infrastructure. Alfen has over 80 years of experience working with low- and mid-voltage energy systems and has delivered the biggest battery systems running in The Netherlands at the moment.

Lithium batteries

The lithium-ion batteries we run in our containers are manufactured by BMW. The batteries have been developed for the electric road cars (i3 and i8) and are the most durable, reliable and save batteries currently available. BMW developed these batteries in their very demanding sustainability program, ensuring a lifespan over 10 years, at least 95% recyclability and metals only harvested in conflict- and child labor free countries.

100% HVO

Until Elon Musk finally puts his Semi on sale, we are moving our batteries around on HVO-powered trucks. In order to reduce emission as much as possible, we only run on biofuels, make sure to maximize our transport routes as much as possible to minimize kilometers on the road.

UN development goals

Greener acknowledges the UN development goals and operates in the fields of Affordable and clean energy (7), Sustainable cities and communities (11), and Climate Action (13).

RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency)

Greener is acknowledged by the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland as an innovative company. For this we also received a subsidy.